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EPCOT's International Food and Wine Festival at Disney

Scott and I celebrated our last day of being Disney Annual Passholders at EPCOT.  Coincidentally, this was also our first 3rd anniversary.  Since we did the legal side of the paperwork 10 days before our wedding, we technically have two anniversaries.  Usually we only celebrate the wedding anniversary, but sometimes it works out in my favor to celebrate the other as well.

Tip One | Go at night, during the week.

It’s Florida, and even though Fall is upon most of the country, it’s still hot and sweaty down here.  We went on a Sunday afternoon when it was hot and crowded- by the time we made it half way around the world, we were both ready to go.  The evenings are starting to cool off though, and I suspect it would be a little less crowded during the week.

Tip Two | Get a Food & Wine Passport.

There’s a festival center, and just about every souvenir kiosk in EPCOT has these for free.  The passport lists all of the different food and drink available at every country/ stop.  Just be sure to bring something to check off the list- no free pencils at Disney.  It’s handy to mark where you been, and take a look to map out a plan.
Street performers in France at EPCOT

Tip 3 | Skip the food and beverage entitlements.

Admittedly, Scott and I didn’t know this even existed, but you can purchase 8 food or beverage entitlements for $59 per person, or 16 for $109.  Neither of us were very hungry since it was so hot, and we weren’t looking to spend a ton of money.  We didn’t not try something because of the price, though.  We wandered through, checking out menus and bought whatever we wanted.  Usually if we got food, we split it.  If it was drinks, we each had our own.  Our total cost, including swinging into Starbucks when we were leaving, was around $56 for the day.  For us both.  We enjoyed what we ate and drank, but didn’t find the need to purchase things just because we had the entitlements.

Tip 4 | Start backwards.  

We always go counter clockwise around the world.  As such, our first stop was at the Caribbean Islands.  It seems that the counter clockwise focused more on drink and dessert, which is right up our alley.  As such, I enjoyed the best mojito I’d ever had.  The fact that it was frozen made it extra good in the heat.
Frozen Mojito in the Caribbean Islands at EPCOT

Tip 5 | Try the non-alcoholic specialties.

The Ireland kiosk was by far our favorite.  We wanted to eat and drink everything.  We settled with a Honey Wine for him, a nonalcoholic Frozen Pumpkin Chai milkshake for me, then a lava cake for us to share.  It was all delicious, and while I didn’t get a straw with my milk shake, it took approximately 3 minutes for it to melt anyway.
Pumpkin Chai Milkshake, Honey wine, and Chocolate lava cake at the Ireland kiosk in EPCOT

Tip 6 | Rotate between beer, wine, and sake.

This one comes courtesy of my husband. The size of the drinks offered during the Wine & Food Festival are rather small- 4 oz for the wine above.  He had a Moosehead lager in Canada (6oz), a grapefruit beer in Germany (normal size, because it wasn’t a special F&W thing), a “Pineapple Breeze” sake in Japan (4-6oz), then finally a Moscato (6oz) in Brazil. The moscato (we both had, and it was delicious) was accompanied by some cheese bread to get something a little more than the lava cake in our systems!

Tip 7 | A picture with Belle makes your niece’s day.

While we were sipping moscato, I noticed Belle was out near France signing autographs and taking pictures with small children.  Then she was gone.  But she was going to be back in 30 minutes, so we managed to stick around long enough for me to get this little gem.  I look like sweaty hell, but I got reports that my little niece in Maine had to run around with her mom’s phone showing everyone that “her Dorrie was with Belle.”
Belle at EPCOT

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