Writing Desk Makeover

Also known as my blogging desk.  In my soon-to-be office area.  So I can stop taking over my husband’s desk, and still be able to watch the littlest bear play.  Currently, it is our TV stand in the bedroom, while the actual TV stand gets refinished.  And repaired- thanks to said littlest bear.

I found this on Craigslist at the beginning of the local colleges’ (yes there are multiple) Fall semester.  The asking price on the ad was $75.  I got it knocked down to $50.  I might have been able to get it down more, but didn’t want to risk losing it.

Writing Desk Before
Sorry for the blurriness-  these were taken long before I had thought about eventually sharing them.

As you can see from the picture on the left especially, it was beat up pretty badly.  The drawers also had some minor damage, but mostly they had that old musty smell in them.  I used wood putty to patch them up, and selectively sanded other dents and dings out.

I painted the top and the little trim piece a light gray, and the rest an antique white.  I used my homemade version of chalk paint as I have in the past.  I painted the drawers (gray) to get the musty smell out, and also to go over the crayon that was left from the previous owner’s kid.  Then, I spray painted the original hardware oil rubbed bronze.  Obviously a favorite.

After the first couple coats, I noticed some red bleeding through along the bottom. Apparently it had a mahogany stain on it originally, the pigments of which was bleeding through.  So, I sprayed a couple layers of white spray primer over it.  Problem solved!  Though- it probably would have made more sense to prime before painting.  Oh well.

The overall process was easy- sand, paint, sand, paint.  Repeat until you’re happy.  I sealed the whole thing with some polycrylic, since it would be seeing more day-to-day use than the china hutch.  After the poly, I buffed the top with 0000 grade steel wool for the smoothest finish I’ve ever felt.  Truth be told the hardest, most time consuming part of this project was painting the drawers.  They have a different grain than the rest of the desk, so it took many (I lost track how many) coats of paint for them to look decent.

And now… my pretty writing desk has made quite the miraculous recovery!

Writing Desk After

Writing Desk Makeover

Now for the cost breakdown…
Desk: $50
Paint: 2 quarts @ $13 each
Paint roller/pad/tray combo: $9.97
Polycrylic: $17.97
Steel Wool: $7.94 for a 16 pack
Wood Putty: on hand
Spray Paint/ Primer: On hand.
Total:  $99.88 before tax!