Moving Checklist pt 2: Changing your Address

A couple weeks Almost a month ago, I shared with ya’ll my moving checklist.  Once we got moved in, I drew up another list that is still currently set on my desk, waiting to be completed.  The what to change your address on checklist.

I cannot state enough: once you know your future address and have a moving date, go to and pay the $2-$3 to set up mail forwarding.  It was super quick and easy, and I got a a ton of coupons out of it.  Which we’ve also established, is one of my favorite things.  This will give you a little bit of time to get addresses changed, and forward anything on (for a year) that you may forget about.

Somethings, it’s very easy to remember to change your address on- the things you use every day.  Accounts that I could access online were the first to get updated, like credit cards and our joint checking.  My personal checking and savings accounts were a little trickier since I go through a local bank back in Maine, but that was done with a simple phone call.

Insurances.  Home owners’ should already be on the new address, since that’s the house that’s being insured!  However, it took me a while to remember to change it on the auto insurance- be aware that your rates may changed based on the new location of your vehicle!

Loans.  Same with the home loan as the insurance- it should already have the correct address.  However, since I went with the bank that provided the best rate for my auto loan, I only use it for my loan.  I made sure to change the address on that right away, as I had forgotten to when we moved previously.  They wound up sending important notices to my old address after the mail forwarding expired, which led to issues later on to clear up.  I also hadn’t changed my name until this issue, which was double the fun!!  As I’m typing this up, I’m realizing that I also need to change the address on my student loan.  Probably necessary, but since I get all of my correspondence online anyway, I’ll probably put if of a while longer.  Procrastination anyone?

State documents.  Be sure to check with your local DMV as soon as possible, especially if you’re moving states!  Each one has their own rules.  Florida’s is to have your new license / registration changed within 10 days of moving.  Oh, and pay $25.  I believe that if you have a concealed carry permit, that changes at the same time since it’s linked (kind of) to your drivers license.  The voter’s registration may have to be updated separately, which can be done in person or online (in Florida).

Blog stuff!  Seriously ya’ll, a lot of these I changed right away.  But only after Influenster sent me a product to try out to my old address (that was never forwarded on to me, even after checking with the local post office).  Side note- I emailed Influenster to let them know, and didn’t “check in.”  Never heard ANYTHING back from them.  I also had a book sent up there that was never forwarded, but was able to get the electronic version.  Remember also to change your domain registration information.  I’m not entirely sure how to do this, which means that I haven’t done it yet.  Since I have a private registration, I think I need to go through!

The two things that I did forget to change my address on, even after the fiasco with the book and product, was Adsense and Amazon Affiliates.  I never even thought to change those, until I got a notification from Google asking me to verify my address (the old one) with a pin number that they had sent to me.  Thankfully, that DID get forwarded, so I was able to update.  After that, I went a head and updated Amazon as well.

What else can you think of to change addresses on?  I know I’m missing stuff since I repeatedly get mail with the little yellow stamp on them from USPS.  However I feel like all the “big” stuff covered!

As with the last checklist, I created a printable checklist that you can download and fill out to help you guys in your moving process!

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