Make Your Own Flat Lay Backgrounds for Less than $5 | How-to

When you scroll through instagram, are you tired of seeing all of those stark white backgrounds for flat lays?  Me neither, as they look so clean, and a good white background really makes things pop.  But, sometimes photos can use a little more pop of color.  This weekend, I figured out two ways to make a flat lay backdrop for under $5.  Of course, these can also be propped up to use as a background as well.

Flat Lay Backdrop #1.

DIY Flat Lay Back Drop
What you’ll need:
  • Poster board- .97 cents from Target 
  • Drawer liner- $3 from the Dollar Spot at Target
  • Scissors or X-acto knife
  • Credit Card or Starbucks Card
The theory behind this is super easy.  The execution may take some practice.  I made three back drops this way, and truthfully, they all have good and bad spots.  That may or may not be noticed in pictures.
Starting at one corner of the poster board, carefully unroll the backing of the drawer liner and press firmly to the poster board. 
Use a credit card (I used my trusty Starbucks card!) to eliminate any bubbles as you go.  The hardest part about this is getting the liner started.
Once you get to the end of the board, use the X-acto knife or a pair of scissors to cut the paper.  The $3 rolls from Target should have enough left over to finish covering the last four inches or so of the poster board.  I learned some patterns are a little harder than others to match up and keep even.  For instance, a herringbone patter was nearly impossible for me to line up, while the polka dots were definitely the easiest.
DIY Flat Lay Back Drop
Now, flip that .97 cent poster board over for…

Flat Lay Backdrop #2

DIY Flat Lay Back Drop with Wrapping Paper
What you’ll need:
  • Poster board (if you didn’t flip it over) 
  • Pretty wrapping paper –  $1.50 from Michaels
  • Modpodge – $1 from the Dollar Spot at Target
  • Sponge or paint brush
  • Scissors or X-acto knife
Again, super easy theory, and the execution was actually much easier than the contact paper.
Smear some Modpodge glue onto the poster board, and spread it out with a paint brush or sponge.  Work in sections because it dries quickly!
Lay the wrapping paper evenly onto the board and smooth out.  You’re probably going to have a lot of wrinkling unless you get super thick paper.  I learned that having a print that is a little more “busy” should mask the wrinkling.
Once the paper is attached to the poster board, slather another couple layers of Modpodge on top.  It’ll look white and streaky, but dries clear.  This is an especially important step if you had to cut another piece of paper and apply- the glue on top will seal it.
DIY Flat Lay Back Drop with Wrapping Paper
If you notice with each of these options, I decided to use prints that only used two colors.  I think anything more of that (especially with a more wild pattern!) would distract too much from the items you’re displaying.
For under $10, you can get TWO different flat lay backdrops!  Some day, I’ll actually take some [other] photos actually using them!
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