How to Choose a Paint Color using Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer

You know what?  I have a very vivid imagination, at least when it comes to writing, reading, and thinking up creepy scenarios in my head in which I get kidnapped.  But seeing in my mind’s eye how a paint color will actually look in a room, not so much.  Couple that with also being terrified of picking the wrong color for our currently purple guest room and not wanting to spend any more money on more paint, I decided to try my hand at Sherwin-Williams’ Paint Color Visualizer.  Remember, that the colors will not be exactly as they are on the computer, but it gives you a pretty good indication as to how a totally new color will look.

how to choose a paint color using Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer

First, narrow your color choices down.  Keep in mind that there are millions of colors to pick from when it comes to paint color.  I actually had a color wheel available to me to use- I believe you can pick one up at your local Sherwin-Williams and return it when you’re done.  I used mine to match up to some colors used in the quilt on the bed.

Peruse Pinterest.  While I’m still narrowing down colors, I like to search pinterest for rooms that have used the same color paint(s) I’m looking at.  Sometimes just seeing a picture of it how I’m going to use it alone is enough to sway me not to use it on my walls.

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Take high-quality pictures.  It’s so easy to grab the ol’ iPhone and snap a few pictures (in fact, I’m pretty sure this program may be an app.)  But the better the pictures, the easier it is to “paint” the walls.  Take pictures in natural light without a flash, using a tripod if you need.  Be sure to take a bunch, and at multiple angles.  Edit them as necessary and save to your computer- if they look dim, brighten them.   I don’t change their size until after I’ve painted/ resaved.  These are what I worked with.  You can see why a paint job is in the works!

Bright Violet Walls in Guest Room

Bright Violet Walls in Guest Room

Bright Violet Walls in Guest Room

Head over to Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer.  Now would be a great time to mention that this is in no way a sponsored post.  I’ve just found this little program very easy and beneficial to use, and want to share it with ya’ll.  Follow the prompts to upload a picture and select whether it’s an interior or exterior shot.

Try not to play.  Well, you can.  But I’ve found this is the easiest way for me to get sidetracked / give up.  Color search by name of the paint or SW number (on your color wheel!)

“Paint” your walls.  Click and drag any color to the area you want painted.  An outline will appear showing you where exactly the paint will go.  It’ll take multiple clicks and drags to completely fill your wall.  You can use the paint brush or the surface tool to outline an area as well.  You probably don’t need it to be exact, but I’m neurotic, so the more en point for me, the better!  Once you paint it just right, it is very easy to change out the color.

Use two screens.  I know I said it above, that these colors won’t be exactly how they go on the wall.  However, if you can use two monitors to look at the “painted” pictures- or look at them at work and at home- it’s crazy to see just how much the colors change depending on your screen!  So definitely don’t go of just the program itself!

Test a patch of wall.  After you’ve narrowed down your choices, played with the color visualizer and think that you know what you want.  Go to Sherwin-Williams (or whatever brand you’re using) and get a sample. My quart sample was only $7.49, tax and all.  Which is way cheaper (and less time-consuming) than painting twice.  Since these amazing purple walls tend to throw the color “off” (I’m still not sure the moulding and doors are white, but a lighter lavender color), and I painted a piece of poster board and have been moving that from room to room during the days and nights, to see how the color looks.

Here is what I came up with!  PS- This is our guest room, dubbed the “Governor’s Suite!”  The furniture is from Ashley Homestore, and the tops of the nightstand and dresser are marble.

Which do ya’ll like the best?!

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