Exploring Southern Wyoming

I had the best, most laid back, kind of off-the-wall 30th birthday!  We had planned to go to Cheyenne’s Frontier Days, until we realized that virtually all of Wyoming was there.

Day trip to Southern Wyoming, Vedauwoo, Buford, Wyoming Territorial Prison

Instead, we went on a little drive to Laramie.  Scott was talking on the phone and I was looking at road signs.  Those brown ones are my favorite.  The ones that tell what attraction is coming up in whatever little town you may be approaching.

We hit the jackpot three times.

First, we stopped at the smallest town in the United States.  Buford, Wyoming.  Seriously, there’s a general store here, and that’s it.  Oh, and more post office boxes than a town with a population of 1 would need.

Buford, WY  The smallest town in America

Next, Wyoming Territorial Prison.  This was definitely the highlight.  Located just outside of Laramie, the prison is a state historical site, and the amount of history it shows is amazing.  We learned all about Butch Cassidy and other outlaws, got to see the warden’s home (which also housed a guard or two), and learned a lot.  One of my favorite things that we learned was that only two prisoners only died in the prison.  This is because 1) a doctor would visit every week or so to check in on the prisoners and 2) when/if they became terminally ill, they would be released.  This way the prison wouldn’t have to pay for a funeral or burial fees!  Seriously, if you have a chance to check this place out, it’s really interesting!

Old Carriage at the Wyoming Territorial Prioson

Our last stop for my birthday was at Vedauwoo for a little hike, which isn’t too far from Buford.  I noticed these crazy rock formations on our way to Laramie.  A quick mile hike offered some great views and a spot of wild life!

Rocks at Vedauwoo

Moose at Vedauwoo

You might’ve seen the moose make an appearance on my instagram.  I’m pretty proud of it.  But upon further inspection, he looks pretty cranky!!

Has anyone been to northern Wyoming?  How does it differ from the southern half of the state?

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