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How to make a Coupon Binder

You may have noticed under my navigation bar, there’s a spot for “Coupons” that (until today) links to nothing.  That’s because I threw it in there knowing that I would start couponing again when we moved to Vero!  I figured I would start things off in this little subcategory, showing ya’ll how I organize my physical coupons.  These include those ones store coupons that print out with your receipt, printable coupons online, the coupons in the Sunday paper, and the ones you get in any number of other fashions.  I’ve been hoarding coupons for about a month now, and I know how out of control (thus useless) they can get!

There are a number of ways to organize these little monsters, and I’ve tried a bunch.  Even clipping and sorting.  My favorite by far is the Coupon binder-  I can file things just how I want, and keep everything in one place.

First off, gather up your supplies – here’s what I include in mine…

1. Coupons! I have seriously just stuffed every sort of coupon into a folder for a month or more, which was doing me NO good.
2. 2- or 3- Inch Binder. (affiliate) You’ll need a super thick one fairly quickly.
3. Cover Sheet. I have multiple binders for things because I’m neurotic. I just printed up a quick black and white sheet to slip in the front of the binder.
4. Plastic sheet protectors. (affiliate) These make it easy to slip whole inserts (from the Sunday paper) and pages into.

5.  Plastic Trading Card Sleeves(affiliate)  Great for single coupons, and ones that are printed out from CVS.
6 & 7.  Sharpie & Pen.  You’ll need these.
8.  Info sheets.  There are multiple places online to find good info for couponing (and coupons!)  Years ago I found a price list for different products and what you could be paying for them if you’re extreme couponing.  While my list is from 2012 and I’m not an extreme couponer, I use these as a guide.  You’ll also want to print out the coupon policies for any stores that you plan on couponing at.  Right now I just have Publix and CVS policies (which have changed since I started), but I think I’ll also throw Target into the mix!
9.  Post-It Notes.  They’re not pictured, but the little 2 inch by 1 inch ones are perfect as tabs on the side.  AND they stick better than the divider tab things that you can purchase for a lot more money.
Now that you’ve got all your stuff together, it’s time to start going through those coupons.  Am I the only one that hoards Bed Bath & Beyond coupons?  I throw them all into a plastic sheet protector to grab a handful when I need.  I do the same with any store-specific coupons that come in flyers (like Publix.)
Coupon binder organization
Any smaller-sized or single coupons that I get (like the bunches I got when I changed my address),  slip into the trading card sleeves. I try to make it so I can see the expiration and deal amount at a glance.  I throw a post-it down the side of each of these sleeves so I can get to it quickly when I need.

Now all that are left are the inserts (Red Plum, Smart Source, and P&G Saver) from the paper and online (printable) coupons!

For the inserts, I open the front page and lay flat.  Along the spine, there is the date that the inserts were included in the paper.  I write that on the front cover, somewhere noticeable, but making sure the marker doesn’t bleed through to any barcodes or whatever on the back side.

Where to find publication date on coupon inserts

Because I still don’t feel too inclined to flip through every single insert when I’m planning my shopping list, I create a little Table of Contents, if you will, for the insert.  Be aware- these can be time consuming; it’s best to do this every week.

I don’t go through all the pages and write out what each coupon is, not when the interwebz does it for me.  I found a site called Coupon Previews, that someone lists all the deets for current and upcoming coupons on.  They’re all in alphabetical order, however since inserts vary by region, the ones listed may not be included in your particular one.  90% of the time, the list on here and the ones available in my inserts match up pretty close.  So I copy the list on Coupon Previews and paste it into a Google Sheets file.  Then I go through and enter the page number into the column beside the details.  This is a little extra step, but it makes it so I can just look through the index page I’ve created and see what coupons are included, what the deal is, when they expire, and where to flip in the insert.

As with the store coupons, I go through and sticky tab all of the pages with the name of the insert and the date it was found.  This is especially helpful if you peruse the message boards on We Use Coupons or A Full Cup, because a lot of times the users will break down just where they found their coupons and how they managed to save so much money.

Aaaand voila!

Coupon Binder Organization

Do ya’ll use coupons? What are some of your favorite tips and tricks?!

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