Revamping an Old Post | Painting a Desk

I was going through some of my old posts from back when I first started blogging. One of the big things with me when I started blogging on a regular basis, was cutting down my “wordiness.” I still have issues with it, but it’s glaringly obvious in the old posts.  Also, I had NO idea how to resize my pictures (I fixed them for this post!)  You can read the original post here, if you like, to compare how I would now approach it now…

I’ve been in search of my own computer desk for quite sometime. If I have a space to write, I’m more apt to do so, as opposed to sitting in front of the TV and binge-watching Entourage. Anyway, I bought this desk on Craigslist for $50 to repair and repaint.

It had some dents and dings in it, and the drawers had that old musty smell in them. I used wood putty to patch them up, and selectively sanded the damage out.

Sorry for the blurriness- these were taken long before I had thought about eventually sharing them.

Using my homemade version of chalk paint, I painted the top and the little trim piece a light gray, and the rest an antique white. I also painted the drawers (gray), which sealed out the must smell, and covered any damage. Then, I spray painted the original hardware oil rubbed bronze.

I did notice some red bleeding through along the bottom. Apparently it had a mahogany stain on it originally, the pigments of which was bleeding through. So, I sprayed a couple layers of white spray primer, and repainted.

I put 3 or 4 coats of paint on, with a light sanding in between.  Then sealed the whole thing with some polycrylic.  Polycrylic is tougher than furniture paste, which is good for the day to day use it would be seeing. After the poly, I buffed the top with 0000 grade steel wool for the smoothest finish I’ve ever felt.

Truth be told the hardest, most time consuming part of this project was painting the drawers. They have a different grain than the rest of the desk, so it took many (I lost track how many) coats of paint for them to look decent.

The cost breakdown:

Desk: $50
Paint: 2 quarts @ $13 each
Paint roller/pad/tray combo: $9.97
Polycrylic: $17.97
Steel Wool: $7.94 for a 16 pack
Wood Putty: on hand
Spray Paint/ Primer: On hand.
Total: $99.88 before tax!

As an update- I’ve used this desk almost daily for over a year now and it still looks great and has held up well.  It could really use another coat of poly, but.  Meh.  I may repaint the whole thing!

Weekending | Hibernating

Greetings all!  I took a little break from the Friday link ups- I was a little under the weather last week, but am better now.  However, the weather was pretty crappy all weekend long.  It was supposed to be my end of the month resolution update.  But, it would have been very boring / unsuccessful.  February has been a very busy and very lazy month at the same time.  Between Scott being gone for most of it, the weather being dreary, and me lacking of any sort of ambition.  I can’t say I successfully completed any of my goals…

Friday, I got a new cookbook in the mail, so Saturday we did run into Tallahassee for supplies.  $150 later and we’re able to make a meal and a desert Paleo style.  Stay tuned, a review (from a person that considers salad with half a bottle of french dressing, healthy) and some pictures from our cooking session to come. 
However, I did learn that there are a lot of stuff that we’ve never even heard of, contained in the shelves of your run-of-the-mill grocery store!  Almond meal?!?  Tapioca starch?!
Scott and I discussed a game plan for our potential Salt Lake City trip.  However, dealing with our snail-like internet pretty much made it impossible to plan further.  We’re still leaning on staying closer and saving money….

Sunday was the day that we decided to cook up all of the foods.   In between, I got caught up on the blogging situation and have a (kind of) plan for the month.  I also spent some time banking some posts.  Oh, and I read.  And snuggled with bears.

Here’s hoping that March brings some warmer weather and some sun!

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Weekending | Valentines, Bears, and 6 Years

We’ll start off with a story… Friday morning when I call Scott, he says “you should leave work early… you need an extra day at home with the dogs.”  I’m like, “Well, that’d be nice, but I’m already on my way to work, and I’m not driving an hour just to turn around and drive home a little while later.”  He says, “Well you could stay till like.  1 and then be home for the afternoon….”

I don’t go home.  At about 2:30 I get another call from him, “I just got an email that a package has been delivered.  You should leave and go home and see what it is, I wasn’t expecting anything.”  I say, “Well who is it from?” “I don’t know! It didn’t say!”  I still don’t leave early, being the dedicated employee that I am.

I get home around 6:00, and find a big box out on the deck…  Inside contained these:

The card reads, “Love, Your amazing husband.”  He’s so modest.
And it’s kind of true, but I think it’s going to his head.

Such a sweet boy sometimes.  And those plans I had written about Friday?  Did none of them verbatim.  I didn’t do any that required leaving the house for sure.  However, I did slap on my yoga pants and LL Bean slippers and sit on the couch.  All day long on Saturday.  I tried to read a little bit.  Couldn’t get into it.  So I binge watched Glee instead.  I’ve never watched it before.  Ain’t half bad.  Though, it does feel a little creepy watching Cory Monteith in 2009, knowing what happens in 2013.

But since I didn’t leave the house all weekend long, the only thing I have to share, are these fabulous pictures of my little bears.  Who are at least partly to blame for me not leaving the couch on Saturday.

This little lady ran directly inside and to the gifts.  She decided the bear was her’s.  When I talked to Scott and told him I let her have it, he said, “Well I didn’t want to be an ass and tell you the bear’s for her…”  I said, “Well good, because I didn’t want to be an ass and tell you I gave part of my present to the dog.”  We clearly spend too much time together.

Today also happens to be the 6 year anniversary of when I conned this boy into taking me to Pigeon Forge/ Gatlinburg.  We ran around the aquarium, me pointing out shiny/sparkly things, him pointing out sharks.  Then, we ate at Olive Garden, where we terrified the server by arguing over who was paying.  Something along the lines of “Damn you women and your feminist values!” Was said.  Such a charmer!

The first picture of us together.  That I poorly edited on my phone back in 2011.  It made it so he was paying attention to me- not his phone which is what he was actually looking at! ๐Ÿ™‚

Chipotle Chicken Stew

You may have seen me mention a time or two, about cooking this stew.  I’ve been craving it lately, and have made it (or another slight variation, to come) just about every Sunday.  I make a double batch, and then I have food for lunch all week long.  I haven’t gotten sick of it, it’s (kind of) healthy, and it is very hearty.  Scott also likes it- and he likes that I pack my lunch every day for work when I’ve made it, so he tries to stay out of it so I have enough for the week!

This is the exact recipe I use- found here.  However, mine is from a printed Crock Pot recipe box set (affiliate link)

Aside from doubling everything to make more, I also add a few chopped garlic cloves and a handful of mushrooms.

I use Tyson frozen chicken tenderloins without cubing (a whole bag, when doubling).  About 30 minutes before it’s done cooking, I take them out and shred them.  It helps with the chicken-to-bean ratio.

I add mozzarella cheese to melt on the top of the serving, as well as some crushed pita chips (I have only found these at Publix), and a scoop of sour cream.   It’s quite spicy if you don’t add some of these “coolers” to it!

Chipotle Chicken Stew
All ready to go for work this week!

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