#Blogtober Day 6: 10 Things I Told Myself when I Started Blogging

Oh dear!  I’m breaking, like the cardinal rule of blogging!  This post is extremely long!  I am still a very new blogger, and haven’t quite found my niche yet.  A lot of the thoughts I had when I first started contemplating a blog are still some I have now.  Here they are in no particular order:

1)  “I have time for it”– When I made my first post less than a year ago, it was after much deliberation and consideration.  I had decided I had enough material to blog about.  That I had such a fun life, I would continue to have material.  And then I signed up for classes in the spring.  And the holidays rolled around.  And classes started.  And then I had no time.  Plus, I wasn’t fully aware of how absolutely horrid our internet connection is on the plantation.  Around May-June this year, I decided to make a little time for blogging, and not worry about any of the other parts about it- just try to post on a regular basis.

2)  “I’m going to blog about decorating my huge-ass house, even though up until last year we had never owned a dining room table!”–  When I first started this blog, I had an inkling that I would like to make it a DIY/home decor blog.  But there are hundreds of thousands of those out there.  I was in a phase that I was doing a lot of projects for the house.  We were going to estate auctions and having a good time buying old and sometimes run-down furniture for next to nothing.  I would then spend 3- or 4 times what we paid on supplies to make it pretty.  It was still a good deal, since we knew that new furniture would be 10- to 15- times greater than the supplies and “canvas.”  But, winter came and the estate auctions close to home stopped.  Classes (again- they got in the way of SO MUCH) started.  At some point I decided that we need to paint the house.  This has yet to happen.  Then, about the time we spent close to $300 on a 5×8 rug from IKEA (that our little princess decided to …chew every damn corner on), I realized that it would be kind of hard to only post about DIY things when we both don’t necessarily see the value in some things.  I still like to play with furniture.   We still like going to auctions.  I still want my house to be pretty.  But, we also want and need a lot of other things, so the decorating is coming very very slowly.  Which would make for a very boring blog-life.

3)  “These are the things I have to do to make the blog successful…”–  When contemplating the Bear Den Plantation’s inception, I did a lot of research through other blogs.  What I need to do to make it work, how often I need to post,  times to pin a link to Pinterest, blah blah blah.  In reality, I will eventually have to follow some of those rules.  But right now,  I think it’s important to just enjoy what I’m writing about.  Yeah the post might be long and wordy.  (This is a prime example! I’m only on point 3!!) I think with time, my posts will get shorter and more concise.  But the first couple of posts I did, I literally let them sit for a week plus, going back and editing them, taking out “useless” information.  I harped so much on one or two posts, that I didn’t have time or energy to formulate new ones.  Even after publishing, I’d go back and edit and edit and edit.  So neurotic sometimes!

4)“I’ll have plenty of things to blog about!”– Similar to point 2, but on a grander scale.  The reality is my life is pretty boring.  My friends remind me of this when they call once in a blue moon to fill me in on all the juicy topics of their sordid love lives.  They ask what’s going on with me.  The answer?  Dogs, husband, oh I planted a new crop!  Sometimes I think that I should blog about their live; it’d be far more interesting.  But I’m happy with my boring little life.  My husband and I play together all weekend long, whether we’re hiking, sitting at the house, or just out driving around.  We enjoy each other’s company and we’re homebodies.  This makes it a little challenging for topics to blog about- which is why you see a lot of “Explore Florida” posts.

5)“People will just come to my blog and read it and love it and comment and I’ll get thousands of views a month!!!”- No.  I knew there would be work involved.  I just didn’t realize how much!  I have to MAKE myself comment on other blogs, and it’s not because I don’t enjoy reading them.  I just am not that social, even in real life (see number 4).  At some point it would be great to monetize.  I just recently got accepted into the Adsense program, and now I am in constant fear that Google will revoke it due to lack of traffic.  I revert back to all the other points.  Write.  Read.  COMMENT dammit. Everything else will fall into place.

6)  “I can TOTALLY take good pictures for the blog!”-  She said as she armed herself with her iPhone 5s and use only that for the first 7 months or so of this thing.  Sure, it’s fine for tumblr.  The Life of Rylee started out as a site to keep the bears’ extended family up-to-date on them and us.  We don’t live near any family, and the dogs (especially Rylee when she was little) was such a cute little spitfire.  I wasn’t concerned about the quality of pictures I’d post.  In fact, I would just post every single one that was on my phone.  Because I was too lazy busy A.D.D. to go through and pick the best one(s).  Now, I have a real camera (I HIGHLY recommend the Samsung NX2000 by the way) even though it’s not a DSLR.  It fits my needs, my pictures and my editing capability have improved.  But I still feel that about 90% of my pictures on here suck in comparison to others I see. Which brings me to…

7)  “I won’t compare myself to other bloggers!”– For the most part I don’t.  I think I don’t as much as some, because I don’t spend that much time on my blog.  I need to spend more.  I try to spend more.  But because it is not a business to me at this point, and again, because I’m just trying to focus on posting on a regular basis.  I also don’t spend a lot of time on other people’s blogs.  I read them quickly, but as I said before I suck at commenting.  I’ll read a blog on my phone while Scott’s driving.  Or when I sit down with the iPad to do something else, but get sidetracked.  As such when I take the time to get caught up on all of the things on Bloglovin’ I find myself comparing photography skills, layouts, and the shear amount of comments some bloggers have compared to me.

8)  “It won’t take anything to learn that program…”- Instead of program, insert: Lightroom; Picmonkey; GIMP; blogger.  And then when you get to Blogger, there’s a whole subset of things to learn, like html so you’re not bound to just the confines of what Google thinks you need.  I can honestly say I know these programs not even close to as good as I should.  It takes me a lot of minutes to edit a few pictures in Lightroom.  Picmonkey is a little easier since it’s web-based.  I can do like 3 things in GIMP.  I was so excited a couple weeks ago when I figured out how to add the html to my sidebar to get the pretty social media buttons.  Which then spurred a whole makeover, that for right now, I’m content with.

9)  “I’ll be able to handle negative comments.”- That has yet to happen, but we’ll see how well it’ll go over (I have a feeling it’ll be akin to a lead balloon) when it does.

10)  “Our crappy Century Link connection will be fine for blogging, even though we can’t stream On Demand or Pandora.”-  This is the absolute worst thing about where we live.  DirectTV is okay.  Century Link (the only thing that’s available to us at this point) sucks a huge…. you can fill in the blank.  Along with the new camera, came nice, crispy pictures, some a lot of megabytes.  Last night Scott was trying to play Call of Duty online (something that was never attempted until Saturday morning) while I was trying to flip through Rylee’s Tumblr.  It didn’t work out which results in a cranky man-child.  It can take me 10 minutes to upload a picture to the blog.  Which results in my “saving” a post until I have enough patience to upload and insert the pictures.  Not to mention how annoying it is when I’m looking at other websites/blogs/Pinterest and NOTHING WILL LOAD!  I kept my computer running last night, to finish syncing the 20 pictures I had left in my Google Drive file.  It wasn’t finished this morning.

Helene in Between Blogtober

So there you have the 10 of the 343,252,545,786 things that (have) go(ne) through my head about  blogging!  Anyone else experience such a colorful mix of nonsense?!?

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  1. It's hard for me for a couple reasons- I'm a perfectionist so nothing is ever good enough. But I also want to take perfect pictures right from the start, and I can't apparently do that without learning some things ๐Ÿ™‚

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