Best Places to Eat in Downeast Maine

This is just turning into a regular travel blog!  I keep jumping from Colorado “stuff’ to Maine “stuff!”  Having just come off of my trip back home, I am stuffed full of great Maine foods.  August is probably my favorite time to visit, as the weather is the warmest (locals complain about the humidity, I think it’s fantastic).  The middle to end of the month is also blueberry season, and there is none down here that compare!

Best Places to Eat in Downeast Maine

China Hill- If you’re headed to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, it’s easy to swing in here.  Again, this Chinese restaurant has been around for as long as I can remember, though owners have changed hands over the year.  My favorite thing to get on the menu (even today) is a “Children’s 3.”  This includes the best fried rice I’ve ever had, chicken fingers, boneless spare ribs (also the best I’ve had), and chicken toast.  I have never been able to find anywhere else that sells chicken toast, and it’s a shame.

Jordan’s Snack Bar-  All over the state, little take-outs exist that offer amazing food.  Jordan’s has been around for years and offers a great selection of Maine food.  My favorites are the fried clams and the crabmeat roll.  Swing into Jordan’s on your way into or out of Ellsworth / Bar Harbor.

Helen’s Restaurant- World-famous for the blueberry pies, which makes this time of year even better.   I have many memories here, as my dad would take me to breakfast every Saturday morning.  The old building burnt down just a week after Scott and I last visited.  This means several people were out of work for the busiest season of the year.  By the year anniversary of the old place burning, the new building was up and running in the same spot.  It was great to see how they rebuilt, and the blueberry pies have not changed.  I rotated between a slice of it and a slice of raspberry for 5 days.  It’s also the the only spot I took a picture of my tasty food from!

Bluebird Restaurant-  This has been around almost as long as Helen’s, though when I was little, it was “Graham’s Restaurant.”  This is what my niecey refers to as “the pancake store!”

Rivers Edge Take Out- Great for a quick meal (I like a chicken burger!) but best for some ice cream.  Again, my order hasn’t changed in years.  A small chocolate cone with rainbow jimmies.  Dumped into a cup so I don’t make a mess.  They have many crazier selections of ice cream (both hard and soft serve), but I always stick with the same.

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