Another Long Weekending

It seems I’m always late.  Or always having a long weekend here lately.  I took Monday off and ran down to Vero with Scott on Sunday!  Then, the weekend after next, we’re headed to the Breakers in Palm Beach for a conference (for him).  I have a few receptions to attend, but otherwise my butt will be planted on the beach, with margarita in hand!

Lots are going on with the home “stuff,” too!  I can’t wait to share!!

0 thoughts on “Another Long Weekending

  1. It's been insane! I wound up being off of work half the day yesterday, and all day today. and potentially have to go in late on Friday! I can't wait to get moved (and to share the goings on on that front!) and maybe be able to enjoy some of the summertime!

  2. She's quite the little model, for sure! We always say, we know exactly what she's thinking because we can see it on her face. I've never seen a more expressive dog!

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