About Me

What’s the story of Dorrie?  After living in snowy Maine for 19 years, I decided I had enough of the cold.  While at college in Maine, I was accepted into the National Student Exchange program (an in-country exchange), I literally closed my eyes and picked a place.  I wound up in Northeast Tennessee, and loved my year there so much, I decided to move and finish out college there!  It was the first time I was away from home- in fact, it was the first time that I went on a plane!

I often refer to Maine as where I was raised and Tennessee as where I grew up.  I met my best friends and my husband in the mountains of East Tennessee.  I also got my driver’s license, first car, and first real job(s) in the tiny town of Johnson City.

Love, work, and a Few Moves

By December 2008, I had graduated college with a BA in Accounting, while working as a seasonal tax professional, and a full-time retail job.  I was also getting out of a horrendous long-term relationship.  When tax season 2009 started, a new guy had started working at the office I was at- the only other one under 30 (really, under 50) there!

Fast forward to Christmas Eve 2012, and that “new guy” was asking me to marry him at a snowy cabin in Maine!  This was of course, after a move from Tennessee to Orlando, Florida, and then another move from Orlando to Tallahassee.  

Marriage, Infertility, and a Few more Moves

We were married at our home outside of Tallahassee in September 2013, with our two rottweilers and little shelter dog running around.  By this point, I was working as an accounting specialist at Florida State University.  A year into our marriage, we decided that it was time to start trying for a child.  This turned into three years of fertility struggles, finally ending with a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  In between all of this, we had moved again!  This time to South Florida, to the town where my husband had grown up.  I finally started using my Accounting degree in the actual field (as opposed to certain sections of accounting) and remembered why I loved it earned my degree, to begin with.

Baby Carriage, Career Changes, and Panic

Lo and behold, a mere 6 months after meeting with a fertility specialist in south Florida, I was pregnant!

As much as I love accounting, my husband and I had discussed at length, my staying at home to raise our child(ren) when the time came.  What finally drove that point home for me was thinking, “after everything we’ve been through, I kind of want to hang out with him as much as I can…”

Dead Dandelion seeds in Maine

So, what happens when an accountant (NOT a CPA!) turns into a first-time, stay at home Mom?  I started panicking about family finances and how to contribute, about four months before I was due to become either.

Brainstorming, researching, reading, and pinning ensued.  I started looking at our family’s Spending habits.  I started jotting down ideas in a Google Doc that may be helpful to other people.

Then I took a breath to stop and think, three years ago I didn’t even KNOW if having a baby was in mine and my husband’s future.  I very quickly moved on to the many, many things I should know before his arrival! Shouldn’t I?  In the cacophony of my head, I also think that it might be nice if my husband comes home to a hot cooked meal once in a while since I am here after all.  

Wait a second- this kid isn’t going to turn our lives upside down!   We’re still going to hike and travel, and snuggle our dogs in bed, right?! How do I figure out what my kid should be learning and when? What games and tools do I need to help him be successful 25 years down the road?

Vero Beach, Florida at Sunrise

I’m Dorrie

…and that is the exact rabbit hole I went down.  I live in south Florida with my husband, my new son, and our two dogs- one of which is a rottweiler diagnosed with diabetes when she was 4 years old.  I’ve made it my mission to tackle these anxieties one-by-one and share with YOU how I do so, along the way.  

Take a look around, drop me a line, look me up on any of the social media things, and tell me I’m pretty not crazy.

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