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While this weekend has been fairly quiet, I did get one project DONE!

Basic Chair Cushion Reupholstery DIY

I’ve had a little desk chair for 3 years that I’ve been meaning to reupholster but never got around to.  Also, I’ve never reupholstered anything before.  But, this looked simple enough seeing as it’s just the seat that has fabric.  It turned out to be a little harder than I thought, but completely doable.  The best part- it didn’t cost a penny!

So, this little chair started out looking like this:

Basic Chair Cushion Reupholstery DIY

Side note:  This will also be a post full of not so great photography.  Once I got in the right mind to do this.  I couldn’t be bothered with stopping and taking millions of pictures!

I’m not sure how old the fabric is on it, but I know that there was virtually NO padding.  An hour sitting in this and it hurt.

First thing’s first.  Flip the chair over and remove the seat from the frame.  I got lucky; it only had 3 out of 4 screws.

DIY Upholstery

Next, use what ever tools you can get your hands on to remove the old fabric from the seat.  I had a flat head screw driver, a paint can opener, and a pair of needle nose pliers.

Basic Chair Cushion Reupholstery DIY

I got a nasty surprise in the form of mustard yellow velour fabric under this… and under that, an old green damask print.  Finally under that was the original.  I have no idea how old this chair is, but I know it probably hasn’t had the fabric changed in like 30 years.

I left the original silky striped fabric in place.  Mostly because this appears to be the only layer that was professionally done, and the staples were rusted and I could not remove them.

Basic Chair Cushion Reupholstery DIY

Here’s where I got creative.  If you don’t have any foam, go buy a couple inch thick piece from the craft store.  I had the remains of a king size mattress topper, which was also used in creating the cushions for the breakfast nook.  I just laid the seat (now basically a piece of plywood with old fabric on it) on the foam and used a utility knife to cut around it.  I cut 3 sides just about exact, but made the front a little longer, so it would curve around the wood where my knees would hit.

Basic Chair Cushion Reupholstery DIY

I stapled the longer side on first, and then pulled it tight and stapled along the top, (back side) as close to the edge as I could get.  Just to hold the foam in place.  So when the seat is in position, the edge with the foam will be the front.

Basic Chair Cushion Reupholstery DIY

Adding the fabric was the most difficult part.  I stapled the left side first, and left a lot of space to figure out how to tightly wrap the fabric on the next side (with the foam edging) and make a clean corner.  After two sides were in place, I went back and stapled the corner in between.  You may be able to notice there are about 12 staples in that corner.  Whoever gets this chair after me will have fun.  With two sides done, it was easier to pull the fabric taut to staple the right side and back.

My biggest tip:  if your corner starts puckering.  Staple the sh*t out of it.  Actually that goes for the sides too…

Basic Chair Cushion Reupholstery DIY

Next, flip her over and reattach with same three screws!  I really need to find a fourth one to work…

Basic Chair Cushion Reupholstery DIY

And that’s it!  This whole thing can be done in about an hour.  Or less, if you know what you’re doing.  But I ran out of staples, then got sidetracked by the pool.  It got done, though, and I love it!  I’m thinking about painting the frame, but I’m not sure what color yet.  White would match my table and bench in the breakfast nook, which this chair sometimes is.  The cushion fabric is also left over from the pillows on the bench.  But, that’s a lot of white in that little area!

So, if you guys have any suggestions on color, let me know!

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