A Letter to Myself in 10 Years

Dear 10-Years-Older Dorrie,

Congratulations, you are just 18 months shy of turning the big 4-0.  Relish in the thought that you’re still younger than your husband, who already turned 40 at the beginning of the year.  Congratulations on making it to the double-digits anniversary-wise.  A huge feat in this day and age.  I hope that Scott has kept his promised and stalked up on Duck Commander’s Miss Priss pink moscato wine, or that they still make it.  You’ll need it.

And those kids running around?*  Remember that you wanted them.  Even on the days that you would like a return.  Remember that while your son has you huddling in a corner, terrorizing you with a lizard, that he is his father’s son.  Scott will get his when his little daughter ask him where babies come from.  Be sure to laugh, but duck out of sight before he can bring you into this conversation.  Really, you guys created kids that you’d hoped would have your best qualities.  Unfortunately they got your not-so-good ones as well.  You made kids that will eventually take over the world.

Whatever you do, remember this day, this feeling.
Especially when you want to throat chop him for
teaching your kid how to pee off the deck.

I know it’s hard making time to get back home to Maine, and it’s harder saving money for 4 or 5 people than it is for just two.  But make sure you go.  Make sure your kids get to see the kind of childhood you had.  Don’t just go in the summer when it’s fun to swim in the lake.  Side note- make sure your kids know how to swim. But when you do go in the summer, go during blueberry season.  Have their great-grandfather take them on a tour of Wyman’s.  Have them rake berries.  Show them how to make Grammy’s blueberry pie.

Go in the winter when they can hear their grandfather cuss at the snow.  Help them build a snow man and take them sledding.  Make them shovel the walk way, and let them go with their grandfather snowplowing.  Even if the only brakes in the truck are when you drop the plow.  Make a trip in the fall to see the leaves change- if you’re still in Florida, you miss that phenomenon.   Let them go hunting with their uncle, once they’re old enough.  Show them how to go tipping and make wreaths.  Make some mincemeat with them.  Take them mudding in the Springtime once all the snow has melted.  Pick some lilacs, and hunt for pussywillows.  In fact, now is a good time to remind Scott that you had talked about buying a house or camp up there many years ago.  Maybe it’s time to do that.

Remember how far you’ve come in the past 10, 15 years.  Realize that as quickly as your 20’s went, your 30’s have gone even faster.  Your 40’s will just zoom by.  Remember that while your kids are the most important thing you created, they’re not the center of your world.  At some point they’ll move out and away, then you’re left with that boy you thought it was a good idea to marry back in your 20’s.  Still enjoy each other’s company, still wrastle, still drive each other crazy.  Have fun just driving around town, or sitting on the couch.  Make an effort to stay awake during that boring movie, even if it takes an extra glass of wine.

Just be happy, content with the life that you’ve created for yourself, with each other.

*Disclaimer to any and all family reading this! I am NOT pregnant.  It is, however, safe to assume that in the next 10 years, we would have a kid or two.  

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  1. i know right? Though, I can't see us moving back to New England, so I'm good with a nice southern upbringing. Or Wyoming upbringing. Or Alaskan…. See a problem? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Aww this is such a heart-felt letter. And gosh, I love that photo so much. I'm sure you'll look fabulous at 40 and so will your adorable little kids. Here's to the next 10 years. *clinks nutella jars*

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