Road Tripping: A Timeline of Events

One of the questions I get a lot (in real life) is how we travel with three large dogs, who are very set in their ways.  It has never occurred to me that a lot (most?) people’s dogs don’t travel well, and/or don’t go with them everywhere.  We enjoy road tripping, and we opt to take the bears with us pretty much any chance we get. When Scott and I made our last trip to Tennessee, I noticed something in the early hours of our overnight drive- no matter how long the travel, the same pattern occurs.  Having properly napped a fair portion of the drive, I was wide awake when he (finally) decided that he was tired and needed to pull over.  In that time I formulated a quick timeline of our travel on my phone.

Traveling with Dogs

Morning of Travel: Give puppies a big breakfast.  They won’t get dinner- dinner equals more potty breaks if we’re lucky, and a disaster in a confined location if we’re not.  While they eat, discreetly try to pack your bags.  They see bags, they have a collective panic attack. 

5:00 PM: Give the dogs ice cubes to distract them.  Try to move your luggage from the bedroom to a staging location closer to the door.

8:00 PM: Put puppies in the bedroom and pack up the truck.  They’ve already picked up on what’s going on somewhere between the 5 o’clock ice cubes and now.  Panic ensues.

9:00 PM: Having made a comfy nest in the back seat for the pups, we’re packed and ready to go. Coffee’s in hand.  It’s dark and already past the bears’ bedtime, so they’ll snuggle in and pass out. We can do this.

10:00 PM: Make husband stop to get wife food. Get more coffee.  Make an attempt to drive at least 55 mph everywhere (even off the interstate).  This constant speed ensures the backseat passengers will stay asleep.  Any foot on the break and they’re awake and en guard. 

Rottweiler "driving" a Ford F250 Diesel

11:00 PM-1:00 AM:
Stop for gas and a pee break from all the coffee.  Try to get dogs to potty.  Realize it’s fruitless, as they’re too ADD and are running around sniffing EVERYTHING.  Be thankful they didn’t get dinner, no matter how pathetic they look.  Promise lots of cookies at Grandpa’s when they arrive.

2:00-3:00 AM: Female falls asleep. Boy “isn’t tired.”

4:00 AM: Feel the vehicle swerve. Wake up. Cuss husband out. Tell him to pull over for a nap. Doze and wake up every 5-10 minutes telling him to pull over.

5:00-6:00 AM: Husband finally pulls over for a “15 minute” nap. It turns into an hour or more. By this time you are only about an hour away from your destination. And also wide awake, thanks to your naps earlier.

Rottweiler-human travel snuggles

6:15 AM: Contemplate kicking him out of the driver’s seat and drive yourself. Remember the 30ft trailer you’re towing and decide to write notes on your phone for your blog instead.

6:21 AM: Thank God the pups are so tired they’re not paying attention to all the goings on outside. Cuss the husband for skipping every country song on the iPod while he’s SLEEPING. Making you listen to rap.

6:42 AM: Get bored and take a picture. Send it to his dad so he can harass him when we (finally) get there.

Rottweiler-human travel snuggles

7:00 AM: Realize that if Husband sleeps much longer, we’ll hit morning traffic.  With 30 foot trailer.  Wake him up.  Thus waking his partner in crime up.  Play “Travel Fetch” until the ball gets knocked onto the floorboard of the truck.

Traveling with dogs, and their toys

7:45 AM: Get into town.  Oldest bear realizes where we are immediately and starts whining.  Which sets the other two off.  Spend the next 15 minutes or so telling them to be quiet.  To no avail.

8:00 AM: Final destination.  Let the bears free.  Cookies for the bears.  Food for the bears.  Potty for the bears.  Unpack.  Plead with Boy to nap.  Boy says he’s not tired.  Go get breakfast and play

Boy will inevitably lay down for a “power nap” in the afternoon.  Turning into an afternoon snooze.  Turning into him being up half they night.  Pray that his sleep schedule will even out in the next couple of days.  If the boy’s awake, the Female is probably also awake, cussing the Boy.

Do you notice how all of these pictures feature one sweet little lady?  That’s because the two boys are passed out in the back seat; they don’t have time for her shenanigans.

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Explore Florida | Capital Forest State Museum

Florida Forest Capital State Museum Perry, FL

You know what is a great way to get out and explore the area you live?  State and National Parks.  A lot of states have these “passports,” that I’ve mentioned before.  The Florida State Park Passport has given us an opportunity to check out many areas of the state (including parks, beaches, and museums.)  Saturday we explored the Florida Capital Forest State Museum- which we’ve lived within 30 minutes of for two years now.  This was suddenly on the top of my list to go to, after learning that we’ll be moving within the next few months!

In case you can’t read that sign, this is a HUGE map of the state of Florida.  Each county is made out of wood that is specific to that county.  Scott wants one for the house.  I do, too.  I just wish the lighting was better- there was a lamp for the top, which washes the picture out… and nothing for the bottom; neither of us could figure out what kind of wood was used for The Keys.

The Cracker House on the site, was built in the 1800s, and is over 150 years old.  The kitchen is pretty much its own building- I’m guessing because they didn’t want the heat of it to filter into the bedrooms.  The site also hosts an outhouse and some other outbuildings.

They even have a chicken house with chickens.  I don’t think they’ve been around since the 1800s though.

Beyond the homestead is a small garden and a pathway to the “Moon Tree.”

It’s insane how quickly pine trees grow.  This one was just planted 37 years ago, and I couldn’t get the entire thing in the picture, as hard as I tried.  I even wound up with an inch worm in my hair, trying to get this shot!
As neat as the Moon Tree was, this one was better.  I have no idea what kind of tree it is.  But it’s huge.  Not going to lie.  I wanted to climb it.

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Weekending | News

So I posted Thursday, lamenting about changes, news, blah blah blah.  Then never came back.  Not even Friday for my favorite things.  I just decided to start fresh this week, and hopefully after having got caught up on some sleep, I can keep up a little better.

Only a little better though, because Sunday consisted of us watching Impractical Jokers most of the morning, and my reading.  Finally stumbling upstairs, after my second cup of coffee, to work on this little slice of internet heaven.

Saturday, however, things were full throttle.  We visited the Capital Forest Museum first thing, then stopped off at Walmart for some packing tape and a few other things.

A little sneak peak of the Shaker House at the museum… My original “weekending” post had a lot of pictures from the museum, so I decided to make its own post tomorrow.  

That afternoon, we started in cleaning up our guest rooms.  You may think this is because of my New Years Resolution.  Especially since I have sucked at them lately.  But it seems the universe decided to give me a little kick in the ass to get things going.


We found out a few days ago, that Scott has gotten a promotion!  He is the new Territory Manager for Orlando, and we will be relocating!  Now, Orlando is not one of my most favorite places- we lived in Kissimmee when we first moved to Florida when he was training for his job.  However, the territory extends east, all the way to the Space Coast.  The beach is one of my favorite places, so it’ll be quite fun I think to be with in (a closer) driving distance.  Especially since we’re approaching that time of year when it’s too hot to do anything in Florida but sit on the beach / play in the water.

We’re excited, and overwhelmed at the same time.  Hence the “woe-is-me” post on Thursday.  We’ve been taking it little-by-little, doing a lot of internet research.  Getting out house on the market and sold is the first step, so finding Realtors has also been up on the list.  As is cleaning the house and taking pictures for when we do actually get it listed.  One of my biggest pet peeves when looking at houses on Zillow etc, is all the crappy pictures.  We figure we need to make people want to drive this far out of town to see the house and property, and that ain’t gonna happen with sucky pictures!

However, the cleaning/ picture taking is proving to be a slow process, especially when all I want to do is sit on my butt!  Unfortunately, what we did get done this weekend is the easiest of the easy.  So, more motivation is needed ASAP!

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Weekending | North Carolina

Consider this a short extension of Monday’s Weekending post.  Saturday through Monday, we were visited with some family and had a fabulous time.  However, this week at work has been crazy- a new person has started, so I have been training them.

I love training people for jobs.  Mostly because I’m neurotic in the way that I do things, and want control over how the new person goes about their job.  Their job is the one that I had when I started out in the department, and I’m kind of protective of what it entails and how to go about doing it.  That said, I have little time for my own work, so am constantly playing catch up during lunch breaks and such.  That should calm down in the next couple of weeks.

On a personal level, we also got some exciting news last week.  I can’t wait to share with you all, but between weekend shenanigans and week-long training… Things are a little overwhelming  at the moment, so I’m waiting in hopes I’ll be able to wrap my head around it all in the coming days and make some headway.

I suppose this would be a good time to throw the disclaimer that I am not pregnant, since that is the topic that everybody we’ve told goes to!

In closing, I love and appreciate everyone’s comments on here, especially since I haven’t gotten much time to visit others’ blogs and comment as I’d like!

Raven Rock State Park North Carolina
I’ll leave ya’ll with some pictures of our excursion in North Carolina.  Little Puppy Pants enjoyed looking out the window (with it open) which made her little ears fly up like Dumbo!  She also enjoyed checking out the river at Raven Rock.  I was kind of afraid she was going to hope in, and it’s got quite a strong current!