Birthday Geocaching

What better way to celebrate being old, than to hike 4 miles in the dead of Summer in Florida!?!  I seemed to have gotten sunburned less than Scott did.  However, I’m pretty sure mine hurts more.

We explored Ochlockonee River by way of Tallahassee/Target/ Starbucks yesterday, and then went on to Bald Point.  After a successful geocaching hike on Saturday in Maclay, and because it was my birthday and I am the little princess (whether it’s my birthday or not), we decided to check out a couple more.  Originally I had planned for 4 state parks yesterday (yay more stamps!)  But, after the big hike in Bald Point, I called it before getting to San Marcos.

Ochlockonee River, around the Youth Camping ground.

At Ochlockonee, we just poked around the park a little bit, realizing that it was too hot and not enough tree cover to hike comfortably.  There was also a geocache located not far down one of the trails, so we searched that out and went back to the truck.  It’s clear that the trails are well-maintained and we’ve earmarked this as one to come back to in the fall.  On our way out of the park, Scott was trying to figure out if we needed to leave our day-use pass, I said, “Hey! Look!”  A deer was meandering across the road in front of us.  We drove past where it had crossed, and stopped to watch.  While we (he) was trying to figure out my camera.  One more appeared.  And then another.

Though it’s blurry, can you spot the 3 deers?  We need to work on our photography skills.

This was as far west as we intended on going, so we started heading back east, toward the homestead.

Every time we see a bear crossing sign, we always contemplate snatching one for the Plantation.
But then we remember that we’re fine, upstanding citizens and thievery is bad.

I did some recon for the geocache that was located at Bald Point.  Prior hikers had let everyone know that this was by far the hardest state park geocache that they had come across.  That there were areas of tall grass.  And that it was a 4 mile round-trip hike.  I already stated that at Ochlockonee* we decided to not go for a long hike due to lack of tree cover, and the heat.  However, the high of a successful geocache hunt the day before as well as that morning clouded our judgement.  Plus, it was my birthday and I could get heatstroke if I want to.

*That’s the first time I could spell Ochlockonee without looking it up! Yay!

 The trek overall wasn’t bad.  Scott had his backpack with water bladder, we both had light, sporty clothes on, and there was a nice breeze mostly.  However, the way back felt like it took twice as long, even though it was only about 30-45 minutes.  We were also the only ones out on the trail, which took us through the marshes and wetlands.  Plenty of times we cursed the state for making these old Jeep trails off limits to… Jeeps. 

We could see the boardwalk lookout that we went to prior to the hike. 
Just a short distance away, by water.  It irked Scott that we were so close, yet so far away.

Anyway,  I would not recommend these trails during this time of year.  We’ve both said a few times it was probably a stupid idea to go out so far in the heat/humidity/sun.  But, we made it. Aside from us both having sunburns, we’re a-okay. 

One of my artsy pictures for the day.  As always, you can find all of the pictures
I took on the Life of Rylee Delilah tumblr.