Remember When…

Didn’t you hate those things in the high school yearbook?  Why yes, I DO remember what happened no more than four years ago.  In a few years, those things that you thought were worth writing down and memory-worth, will be quite insignificant.  Or so you hope.

In light of Caitlin’s (of The Desert Dandelion) shout out on her blog, I shall come up with my own version of this tragic high school game. She is one of approximately four people that I still talk to from my tiny little Downeast Maine school.  Terrifyingly, this will go back to 4th grade- 17 1/2 years ago.


– Terribly long games of 4-square at recess, that I’m pretty sure at least 2 of the 4 kids playing, were cheating.  I may have been one of them- Caitlin was not.
– “Bagel! … BAY-GULL!”
– Ice storm ’98, skating from my house down to the beaver flow-age.  Skating down hill on snow that you could break through and trip at an moment?  Great idea!
– “Bang bang Maxwell’s silver hammer came down upon her head”  Doo-doo-to-dooooo
-For that matter… “I’d like to be under the sea.. in an octopus’s garden…”  Which goes along with the reason that I wanted to paint our propane tank that sits half in and half out of the ground… Yellow submarine
Meow mix theme songs in the middle of the night.
-5:30am breakfasts Saturday morning with my dad.
-That morning your dad dropped you off at the takeout to meet us there, and one of the old guys “proposed” to me.
-45 minute treks in “Dolly”  the super cool van, complete with VCR and tube tv.  And all the recorded episodes of MST3K.
-An 8th grade school dance where my brother picked us up early (made it down and back during Duke’s half time) because I’m sure, some prepubescent boy was being a douche bag.  Little did we know it only goes down hill from there, at least for a few years.
-The loft in my grandparents’ shed that had a very shoddy floor… built by the 12 year old version of myself
-Terrorizing your sisters and my brothers. A lot
-Showing you how to make spaghetti- breaking it in half, thus making is spray all over your kitchen.
-Beanie Babies!  those things were the devil.
-Rug Rats’ Tommy watches from Burger King meals.  That our 7th grade teacher tried to buy from us?
-N Sync Fan Fiction.   REALLY hope those things were burned… 
The Canada Song which some of our friends did no appreciate
-Our moms teaming up to keep us away from classmates’ houses.  apparently they could see the future…
-Board games (Pass the bomb!) at Bill and Deb’s
– Santa’s Village and riding the log flumes all day long.  because we were the only two dumbasses riding in the rain.
Y2K New Year’s Eve at your grandparents’ in Eastport.  Thinking we were COOL that we had a tiny smidge of champagne.  I’m pretty sure I drank both of ours…
– The last time we were able to make our schedules work to meet for lunch.

Remember When

OH! And I TOTALLY took the first two pictures of you and Rob that exist!  I’d post those, too… but my internet about died just trying to find the one that’s here.

Dresser Redo Part 2: Vintage Mirror Makeover

So, what did I do with the mirror from this dresser?

Vintage Mirror Makeover
As I mentioned in the last post, the “cloudiness” was just too far gone.  A big splotch in the middle, a lot of small ones around the edges.  Having it re-silvered wasn’t an option, either. After I got the mirror unscrewed from the dresser, and got it out of it’s little hinge fixture, I noticed there was more damage to it than I originally thought.  I would have loved to been able to stain it the same color as the top of the dresser.
However, after I got done with the wood fill it looked like this:
Vintage Mirror Makeover
Exhibit 1 of the cloudiness and …crap around the sides.
In the bottom left corner, you can kind of make out the seal of the company.
Then spray painted the mirror with Rustoleum’s chalkboard (spray) paint.  After it dried (obviously), I covered it all with newspaper.  After priming, painting and antiquingthe frame, it matched the dresser.
Vintage Mirror Makeover
Taaaa Daaaa!  Chalkboard coating in a can= AMAZING

I had a plan to print out a really fancy “M” and trace it on there.  But then I got impatient. And a headache that turned into a migraine.  So very quickly sketched the “M.”  I’ve fixed the slant on the right of it, because I’m that neurotic.

The only thing I have left to do, is screw the eyes on to the back and run picture hanging wire through it.  I haven’t done that yet, since I figured out that the finish of the frame clashes with every free wall in the house.  So it may be redone in another color.

So the totaled cost of this dresser/mirror project…
Dresser/Mirror- $74
Qt. Antique white paint-$8.97
Qt. Primer- $9.48*
Rustoleum spray chalkboard paint- $3.76*
Minwax Dark Walnut 1/2 pint- $4.78*
Wall hanging hardware- $3.97
Chalk- $.97
Drawer knobs- 4 @ $2.77each
Drawer pulls- 4 @ 3.73
= $131.93
*This is the original cost- there’s still plenty left to “prorate” over different projects, which makes me feel a little better.
Now, as promised from the last post
Brad Paisley's Guitar
Brad Paisley’s guitar tuner, tuning his guitar that he was playing in the
Dresser Makeover Pt 1 post.

Brad Paisley's Guitars
He plays every single one of these during his 2 hour show.  The acoustic in front, he signed
and gave away to a small child.