6 Ultimate Tips for Your Colorado Vacation

The number of families that are choosing a Colorado vacation destination is on the rise.  According to the Denver Business Journal, Colorado saw 82.4 million tourists in 2016 alone.  The landscape of Colorado, from its vast plains to its mile(s)-high mountains, seems to offer a little bit of pleasure to everyone. 

Why a Colorado Vacation?

People are choosing a Colorado vacation for a myriad of reasons.  They flock to Breckenridge and Aspen in the Winter for a little bit of skiing.  Explore the cliff dwellings of Manitou in the Spring and Summer, or camp in the Rocky Mountains.  If an all outdoors Colorado vacation isn’t your thing, Denver offers world-class museums, cuisine, and shopping.  

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Winter Hiking Must-Haves Mom Needs this Year

Winter hiking gives one the chance to view nature from a different perspective.  Hiking in the Spring and Summer is nice- depending on where you’re visiting.  However, views change dramatically in the Winter, whether there is snow on the ground or not.  Since trees are bare, the distance and depth that you can see offer a new landscape to a favorite and well-traveled trail. Read more

First-time Mom Coming Soon!

Becoming a first-time mom is hard.  You’re learning all kinds of new baby-related things.  In my case, not only will I be a new mom, but a stay at home mom!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my all-new blog, which will focus on a first-time mom’s attempt at home economics for today’s family.  I’m diligently working and learning everything I can about the blogging game!  This is in between working full time and being in my last trimester of pregnancy.  I plan to be launching at the beginning of June, so mark your calendars.  By that point, I’ll have a 2 month-old son, not be working full time, and plan to share so much of my journey with you.  Join me on the adventure of being a first-time mom!

What can you expect from me as a first-time mom blogger?

I plan to share everything with my readers…

  • Learn about my infertility struggles, and eventually my pregnancy- trimester by trimester.
  • Baby care and learning techniques I’m trying with my very young son.
  • Family maintenance tips- including home DIY projects and managing my family’s budget.
  • Our family lifestyle- traveling (and potentially… camping…) with a small child and other budget-friendly excursions
  • Blogging lessons and inevitably, failures.  Learn what I’ve learned, the sites I used as guides, and the overall framework I developed to build my brand.

Follow along with the launch!

For now, learn more about me or see what I’ve been Pinning in order to prepare for my blog launch.

Do you have ideas you’d like to share with me?  I check my email multiple times a day-  E-mail me now!

Victor and Cripple Creek, Colorado

Another little gem we stumbled on in Colorado.  Cripple Creek is an old mining town, and happens to be where the Root Beer Float was created.  The drive to the town is gorgeous, and once you get there, it’s like time has stopped.  It’s like you’re back in an old mining town, with plenty of food, gambling, and alcohol.  There may be little hotels as opposed to brothels, now, but it definitely has the feel of the old mining town.

Cripple Creek, Colorado

There’s a reason this little booming town feels like a scene out of a western is because it pretty much is.  Next to Cripple Creek is the even smaller town of Victor.  Here, you can find the Cripple Creek and Victor Mine site, right next to an active mine.  What do they mine?  Gold!

Strolling the trails through the abandoned Cripple Creek & Victor Mine, while witnessing trucks go by just over the hill at the active mine site was interesting.  Looking one way, story boards and the remains of mining equipment from 75 to 100 years ago tell of the history of the area.

Then, looking the other direction, you see dump trucks on the side of a mountain, and hear other machinery doing this….

Back in the day, miners used to live at the mine site.  I snapped this through one of the windows (that are now covered with wire fencing to keep people out.

At one point along the trail – of which seemed to go on and on, but we didn’t notice until we started going back up hill– you can see Pike’s Peak in the distance.  Unfortunately, clouds were rolling in, and it’s hiding behind the big cloud on the left.

All over the place, the fencing warned us where the line was between active mine site and historical site.

For a couple who watch “Gold Rush” religiously every Friday night, the Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine was a great find.  It also checked off my requirement of exploring a ghost town while out there!  For more information, and for trail maps of the area, check out VictorColorado.com!

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